I confirm : YOUR EXACERBATED CONSCIOUSNESS that scans in less time than it takes to say. You are a monument of conscience ! You’re Extraordinary, François, also by your talents, your skills and I add, your great humanity… Me, I always had the heart to work ON this beautiful path… for years… and again now.

For all that I have received, what I can achieve and all that you have invested in making me open my eyes, and … and … and : THANKS THANKS THANKS.

And it is with pleasure, François. If you knew how happy I was by writing these few words of gratitude.

Yvette Desanfant

François, he scares me. His determination and lack of compromise, his inescapable breakthroughs and sudden reversals have so often scared me. His ability to avoid conflicts as much as to confront them imposes on me. What always shocked me, and even today, is the way he undergoes willingly the attacks of those who want him to be someone else than he is. I don’t know from where he got this calm in the storm. Not from me, assuredly.

He always reassured me, even in the hardest setbacks and in the most perilous passages. He never neglected me, never ignored me or let me down. I really believe that is his greatest strength. It’s grand to have him as dad, here inside.

His inner child.

To work with François is to enter into a new universe. A universe of very wide reflection that pushes everyone to go further. François is a person who knows what he wants, but who has this intelligence to leave the necessary latitude to his collaborators to achieve a result.

As a videographer, I made several video clips for François, and this happened in a listening process. It is the exchange of ideas that makes it possible to move forward to arrive at definitive achievements.

Renaud Delmotte, DELplay Réalisation Audiovisuelles

To be at work with François is to launch without a net in an adventure deep within oneself. François announces a framework in which our brain can go to feed, and above all he gives the best of himself, adapting to my needs, so that the work can go as far as I allow myself. Because yes, if François gives so much, it is necessary that I give the maximum too, that I let myself be surprised by the parts of myself that I did not know. The only limits are those that I imposed myself, certainly by my fears and my blockages. If I give everything, François amplifies : he is uncompromising, demanding, attentive and wants the best for me. I feel that what François shares, he also practices in his own life. What’s better than sharing things that we know. François does not give lessons, he accompanies me so that I can reveal myself, if I want it.

Vincent Villers, 45, father of 3 children

What it’s like to work with François :
First and foremost, respect for who I am, my pace, I would say, my breathing in life. His ability to be present while leaving me my space. Space that I can freely occupy or not, without any judgment whatsoever.
My work with him, whether during internships, more « logistical » collaborations, or moments shared with family, led to a reflection on the different parts of my life, and asked me a lot of honesty with myself.
Recognizing and welcoming who I am still asks me every day to devote a special moment of attention to it. It is this awareness, which François allowed me to bring to light, which, on a daily basis, helps me to deeply question my thoughts, choices and actions.
It’s a fundamental work that requires honesty, courage and involvement… towards oneself !
This quote, I think, fits him like a glove : “The best teacher is the one who shows you where to look without telling you what to see.”


Working with François ? Yes! But here, no question of « personal development », but of a complete investment with body, mind and soul to accept the change.
One morning I got up, and I knew that I had to contact this François De Kock whose name I saw appearing at regular intervals. Life is well done when you align yourself : the phone picks up directly. I like to feel that I have already prepared the job well. I like to feel that I have already prepared the job well. I intuitively knew it would be powerful and effective, but further ? Great mystery.
A first meeting allowed me to identify where work would be most effective between us. If our furrows are well dug, fed and already largely weeded, the work seems to happen “all alone”. But it’s like a vegetable garden, it grows because we put a lot of things in it : time, energy, love, attention, vigilance (and yes, it’s not not quite the same), and other ingredients again. Our work “on Self” and its quality will also depend on what is poured.
Whenever François’ call was made in my soul, I answered it. And each time, the results were breathtaking. Certainly, sometimes we are reluctant to accept what comes to the surface, what the melting of our inner ice leads us to understand, to integrate, to transform. But what a leap we are then able to make!
My journey with François started some years ago, and I appreciated and used his varied skills, nevertheless all focused on one common point, an extraordinary anchoring in his shamanic capacity that brings a transformation – at the same time as an understanding. And sometimes the change came before the understanding : it is the inner transformation that allows this great understanding of our mind.
I particularly remember a meeting around a dream that challenged me, namely that I myself do the analysis of dreams and that I have a long experience in the field, but there I felt I needed another angle of view… I confess that François’ feedback made me cringe… at the beginning, then over the course of the conversation, I could understand and integrate that it was precisely a part of me that I was choking, and that I completely trimmed my wings ! Wow.
Another important memory in my work with François : the quality of his shamanic journeys.
The correctness of the meetings with the groups which makes that the people present also bring – by their own journeys – a light on our own life. A journey taken as an example, because they were all powerful, allowed me to « free » many schemes that blocked me since I still accepted at the time to keep in my entourage people who do not me did not help to move forward. No judgment on the person per se, just that these people did not fit me. Some people present still remember the cry that came out of my being ! I do not like to shout, so this came as a surprise…
I have personally brought a few groups to François’ home, in order to finalize a day of work in my field with shamanic journeys. What a wonder, all that’s weaving between us !
Finally, in the last two years, since my meeting with Serge, I benefited from an accompaniment at the level of our astral themes that allows us now to better understand our dynamics. When the Universe decides to make us work our last entrenchments, nothing stands above the life of a couple ! And when the Universe – very playful as it is – meets the absolute opposites (something that shows itself in all energy approaches) it is time to go into the complete unification of our being on all levels, at all levels ! But a little guideline is never useless, and we come back regularly. This work also took me to cross the Atlantic to settle in Canada, where other cleanings had to be done – which would not have taken place while remaining on the European continent… always the magic of the Universe, isn’t it. And thanks to the talent of François for the channeling, I was able to cross incredible stages.
The more you inject yourself into working with François, the more you receive back and lightly. Do not imagine that a miracle happens without one doing anything, it happens because you opened the door wide, by your inner preparation. With François, in laughter and his outbursts, the light always awaits you on the other side of the door !

Joallyn Dawirs

“Know thyself” is still the base for me today… “Know thyself” is still the base for me today… I admit that I feel upset not to have met François De Kock earlier.

Isabelle de Broux, Instant Zen

To work with François is to highlight oneself, to allow oneself to reveal oneself to oneself…

The meeting with François causes this spark. His unconditional love of accompaniment, his insight and his way of getting out of his interventions what must emerge is just incredible. He is an experienced magician who has just put all his tricks into practice in his own life. He is extremely connected, while at the same time rooted in reality.

For magic to work, he needs your full cooperation. He works with you, not for you.

Helina Egleme

First of all, for my own coaching, I appreciated his patience to explain things to me and his « right in the goal » approach. I was able to visit all my hidden places or not. Of course, I had to do some work too… he invited me to look inside, guided and accompanied 😊; this to raise the fact that if you do not want to go see inside, if you do not want to put your energy in this work, it’s your choice and it stops there and it’s ok like that.

Then I had the pleasure of being able to collaborate on different projects. There, I learned to collaborate with my own abilities, without having to be someone else, without feeling guilty for not being able to do everything and having the space of expression that I need. In short, he adapted to me, to my needs.

Finally, what fascinates me about François is his ability to speak about himself, to question himself constantly, to follow the events of life, his awareness, his evolution, and his determination « against all odds ».

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