To start a new life requires a commitment, an investment in your own potential. This investment in time, attention and determination also translates financially.
I offer a sliding scale depending on your commitment. The deal is : the more you invest, the less you pay, and the more you receive for your money. You define yourself how much effort and investment your new life is worth to you. And you will notice in our work “how much you will get for your money”.

“À la carte” rate:

Channeling-activation by mail : 80 € + VAT 21% = 96,80 €

Coaching by the hour : 80 € per hour started + VAT 21% = 96.80 €

Astrological study : 80 € per hour started + VAT 21% = 96.80 €

Package C : 5h of coaching : 350 € + VAT 21% = 423,50 € (gift of 60,5 €)

Package B : 10h of coaching : 650 € + VAT 21% = 786,50 € (gift of 181,5 €)

Package A : 25h of coaching : 1.500 € + VAT 21% = 1.815 € (gift of 605 €)

Please wire the amount of your engagement on the account nr BE50 7512 0988 6418 (BIC/swift : AXABBE22) of Phoenix23, with mention of your name and the ordered pack, or work. Also, thank you for filling out this form to give me your details.

Mentioned prices include all taxes. The packages are not refundable, and are not related to results (for which you are partially responsible), nor to specific topics. If a subject is resolved quickly, the rest of the amount can be used for the next topic. Since everything is related to everything, it is inevitable that a subject can evoke another during our work. When your package is exhausted, simply renew it to continue the work.

My work « behind the scenes » (establishing your birth chart, personal reflections, etc.) is unquantifiable. It is offered as a bonus.

We can also negociate a tailor-made price if you have a very special « big yard » in mind.


François De Kock.

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