« The aptitude for change is the new security. » (François De Kock)


Have you also noticed – whether you like it or not – how much changes are taking place in the world, in the environment, in society, in relationships and in communications ? And how fast the develop ? The realities of yesterday are no longer those of tomorrow. We are experiencing an acceleration as humanity had never known before. Today, « doing nothing » has become synonymous with regression, and openness to change has become a vital need.

To lead our boat in the midst of the turmoil of our lives, to avoid running like a weather vane in the face of countless external demands, it is necessary to rely on safe and authentic values, and to choose for a direction. Only a boat that can “hold the sea” crosses all weathers.

It’s time to stop choosing between the mighty oak and the soft reed. The time has come to integrate the opposites, and to become both oak and reed. To become fluid and solid at the same time.

I became familiar with all changes in life and with their various implications, both with their successes and with their failures. I AM YOUR COACH IN TRANSFORMATION. I accompany all your transformations, all your changes, all your transitions, in all the fields of your life, and it does not matter that the change is done voluntarily or involuntarily.

Every wall between the various aspects of your being and your life is interior, and artificial. All areas of your life are interconnected. But we have to start somewhere. Here is a non-exhaustive list of areas in which a change might appear in your life :

  • Your identity
  • Your personal life
  • Your company
  • Your family
  • Your project
  • Your home
  • Your friendships
  • Your job
  • The emotional and the intimate
  • Your sex life
  • Your social status, your social life
  • Your awareness
  • Your responsibilities
  • Your fights
  • Your burnout or depression
  • Your inner peace
  • Your communication
  • Your relations
  • Your finances
  • Your food
  • Your health
  • Your spiritual life
  • Your relationship to the material
  • Your relationship to the invisible
  • Your packaging
  • Your emotional life
  • Your structure
  • Your confidence in yourself
  • Your experiences with birth, life and death
  • Your mournings
  • Your relationship to the past and the future
  • Your relationship to creation
  • Your desires
  • Your aspirations
  • Your ambitions
  • The authority
  • Freedom
  • Happiness
  • Education
  • Standards
  • Principles
  • Your pace of life
  • And many more topics…

… for which the starting point is always : what is changing, and/or what needs to be changed ?

I do not act alone. Apart from our allies in the invisible, I also like to collaborate willingly with specialists in the areas that you address in your life. Some examples. When it comes to your health, the ideal would be to consult a health professional to meet your current needs. When it comes to reviewing how you occupy your home, working with a Feng Shui specialist might help. When starting a business, you might need legal or financial advice. And so on.

An African proverb says that it requires a village to educate a child. Well, the same applies to the education of an adult. Unless this is part of your own needs, the biggest mistake of all is to try to do everything alone. If you are trying to escape from your prison, or if evolution is pushing you in the back, it might help to have an accomplice outside. My mission is simple : to accompany you in the development of your new life.

Welcome to « the work ».

François De Kock.