The address

I am happy to welcome you to Kalversteeg 10, 9000 Ghent, in the picturesque district of Patershol. Hereunder you will find a brief presentation of the neighborhood. At the bottom of this page, you will find a portfolio of beautiful pictures of the Patershol.

The city : Ghent

Ghent is, after Antwerp, the most important city of Flanders. From 1000 to 1550, it was the second most important European city, before London but after Paris. It is crossed by the rivers Schelde and Leie. Water flows almost everywhere. This is one of the cities with the largest concentration of historic buildings, as it escaped the bombing of both wars. The city center is car-free, and the infrastructure for bicycles is very efficient up to the periphery. This is a city where life it is nice to live and to walk around.

The neighborhood : Patershol

The neighborhood where I welcome you is called “Patershol”. Comprising a dozen paved pedestrian streets, it includes the oldest houses in Ghent. In the Middle Ages, the Patershol was the suburb of the castle of the Counts of Flanders, and it is now included in the world heritage of Unesco. It has known many variants through the ages (rich tannery district, alternation of religious orders, cutthroat haunt…), the Patershol is nowadays a particularly rustic district adjoining the city center.

On the edge of the Patershol is the Oudburg, a long strolling street flanked by pleasant terraces, some typical shops, and kitchens from all over the world. In parallel with the Oudburg runs the Leie, which flows quietly throughout the city. The district breathes tranquility, but makes some noise in the summer during the “Gentse Feesten” and the “Patersholfeesten”.



The Patershol forms the limit of the carfree city center : it allows an easy approach with any type of vehicle, even if you might have to walk just for a few meters.

Public transportation : The majority of public transportation stops at the “Gravensteen” (Castle of the Counts), a few meters away from the Oudburg. The city of Ghent has two main train stations : Gent Sint Pieters (the most pleasant), and Dampoort.

By car : The public car park “Vrijdagmarkt” (Vrijdagmarkt 1, 9000 Ghent) is also located a few meters from the Oudburg. You can easily reach it by approaching Ghent from the East or from the West.

By bike : Bicycles circulate freely throughout the neighborhood. Bicycle parkings are plentiful on Oudburg, and you can also park your bike in our own garage.

Wandelbus : A small and free « walking bus » carries you through the carfree center of the city. It passes through the Oudburg. Check here.

Not so fun : As this classified house goes back to the Middle Ages, the office could unfortunately not be adapted for disabled people. Sorry for that.


Housing and lodging possibilities are numerous in Ghent. There is something for everyone and for all budgets. Make sure to book in time in periods of popular events.


Ghent organizes a lot of feasts and cultural events, most of which attract loads of people. You might consider to combine your visit with one of those events, or on the contrary choose for a quieter moment to come over. All their dates are kept up to date on the following page.