How does your coaching with me work, practically ?

First and foremost : this is a PERSONAL CONTACT between you and me. “You” means individuals as well as couples, threesomes, groups, families, companies…

Francois De Kock

François De Kock.

This personal contact can be done in various forms : “live” on the grounds, through our screens, sometimes by mail. We compare our agendas and make an appointment, and that’s it.

At the time of writing this page, I drew a color card, spiritual silver. It mentions our reliance to our sacred source, how to be a mirror against which the others find an inner peace, and our magnetism which attracts events and people. I pay great attention to THE QUALITY OF OUR RELATIONSHIP, and expect the same from you. This is one of the keys to the success of your work with me : the quality of our relationship.

But the first thing we focus on together is YOUR REQUEST, your reason for requesting my coaching with me. It is here, and only here, that my accompaniment starts. Your own request is my top priority.

The choice of techniques and approaches follows after that. I have thousand strings to my bow, from shamanism to astrology through psychology and direct spirituality, and I propose each time – with your consent – the WORKING MODE that seems to be the most appropriate.

You choose yourself the level of YOUR COMMITMENT. For that reason, I propose different packs in my rates. The more you commit, the less you pay.

So, at the beginning, we start with A MEETING, a meeting which determines the continuation. It’s simple, right ? I like doing great things in a simple way.

Looking forward to catching up with you.