Did I shape my life, or did it shape me ? A bit of both, probably.

To help you understand my own “new lives”, I describe hereunder two different facts, and then I mix them together. Welcome to my world.

François De Kock.

1. Company

I learned a lot with the creation of my company Phoenix23. I read something that gave a huge boost to my consciousness. I concerns different ways to make money. They are :

  • Assisted : We live on financial support offered by society, family, mecenas…
  • Employee : We work on behalf of someone else, with a regular salary.
  • Independent : Our income depends on the amount of work we provide.
  • Entrepreneur : We create systems that earn more by working less.
  • Investor : Our money itself generates our income.

2. Astrology

The lunar nodes stand amongst the most fascinating elements in our birth chart. The axis of these nodes (the south knot and the north knot) gives indications in relation to the direction of our life, also called mission, soul learning, reason for incarnation, and so on. We may adopt or neglect the indications offered by the lunar nodes. But even if we neglect them, life has the art of bringing us back to them on a regular base.

Like the planets, the nodes follow their own path and return every 18 ½ years to their birth position. These particular moments trigger change and propel us further down our soul path. This process is conscious or not. We resist it or we embrace it. But if we miss the appointments with these moments, our destiny will insist even more on the next passage. Thus the famous “midlife crisis”, which appears from the age of 37 years on, is only one of those karmic deadlines.

3. The synthesis of both

My own karmic evolution is mainly dominated by Saturn and its sign, Capricorn. Translated into English, this means that I am constantly challenged by life to fill in the blanks concerning the father, the authority, the law, the structure, the place in society …

At an age when many people’s main worry is their retirement, I suddenly understood the logical link between all of my life changes. Take a look :

  • During the first cycle of my nodes, my family provides for my needs.
  • During the 2nd cycle, I am an employee.
  • During the 3rd cycle, I am independent.
  • During the 4th cycle, I am an entrepreneur.
  • Will I be thus become an investor in my 5th cycle ?

Here is how to resume my own life in the simplest way. No wonder I became an expert in life changes.

Let me tell you one more thing : when you drive with your nose in your driving wheel, you don’t see the roadturns in time. And when your car quits the road, you are taken aback by the surprises of life. Whether you confide in complaint or in gratitude, it doesn’t change a thing : your new life came knocking at your door.

The support of a specialist in change management, who has as much experience as awareness and perspective, can be of great value. I look forward to work with you.

See you soon,

François De Kock.