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« Ask, and you will receive. »

Perhaps you do not want to engage directly in a extensive work with me ? Maybe your need is very punctual ? No problem. You are welcome to choose for something shorter as well. My strengths : trust, respect, acceptance, discernment, efficiency. My request : openness and active collaboration in your own work.

Francois De Kock

François De Kock.

Here are three options to get started on short notice :

An astrological study

You can choose to lead a life that matches your soul aspirations, or you can reject your authenticity and live unhappy forever after. Your free will offers you that choice.

Your potential for fulfillment, your inner brakes, your mission, the lessons your soul has to learn in this lifetime : all of this is already present at birth. Your birth chart represents the GPS of your soul, in all areas of your life.

To get a clear overview of your life priorities, and answer to your existential questions of the moment, the astrological study helps you to play with the cards that you received at birth. One single consult can guide you for the rest of your life.

I rely on tropical astrology, the most classic in our regions, but favoring the karmic elements of your birth chart. What matters to me is the fulfillment of your potential, and the means to achieve it. My approach is conscious and profound, but also pragmatic. You won’t find dogmas here, nor unnecessary blah blah, just applicable hints.

The study of your birth chart always takes place in the form of a conversation. We compare your experience, your questions and your awareness of the moment with the potential that I read in your birth chart. Often an astrological consult is purely informative, as you discover new information that maybe you didn’t know about yourself, but often it is an encouragement to put into practice what you already knew without daring to believe in it.

As I prepare your consult in advance, I need your full birth details (date, location, hour and precise minutes) when making an appointment.

This meeting can take place in my Ghent office, or on line through Skype or FaceTime. The duration of our discussion depends on your needs and on the progress of our exchanges. However, it is possible to agree in advance for a specific duration. It is always useful to record our interview.

A channeling-activation

A « channeling-activation » is a service of my invention. It is designed to have at distance the same effects as a shamanic journey. It is a combination of three tools : channeling, shamanism and colour.

As a medium, I channel the necessary information to understand the roots of your quest and/or your problematic, as well as the means to move forward. As a color practitioner (inspired by William Berton’s approach), I draw a color “by chance” in William Berton’s card game. Like a shaman, I work directly in your energies and I activate all the energy necessary for your soul blossoming, in accordance to the channeled information.

How is this working ? You send me a request by e-mail or via the message below, mentioning your real name (no pseudonym) and describing in a few lines (no need for a long presentation) your current situation and/or your presumed needs. You pay your payment at the time of your request. The work begins upon receipt of it. The response time is undefined in advance. This work can take just a few minutes, but maybe also a few days to be finalised. It is possible, but not certain, that you will already notice some effects while this work is done. The channeling is completed when I send you its content by email.

This is really a remote energy activation. By asking for this work, you agree to that. There is no way back once your request is sent and your payment made.

After receiving the text of your channeling, you send me your reaction and/or questions. Your reaction is essential, and is an integral part of the job. It allows me to possibly specify one or the other element that you would not have understood yet. We are indeed working on an energetic or vibratory level deeper or more subtle than our ordinary thoughts, and your mind could possibly be a little disconcerted by the truths that appear this way – unless of course you are used to this line of work.

Coaching by the hour

It is also possible to meet to simply discuss your situation. Whatever your question, whatever your quest, my specialty is to scan rapidly your current situation and to advise you in the development of your most beautiful potential. Solutions will appear in our meeting… if you are willing to hear them.

This meeting can take place in my Ghent office, or online through Skype or FaceTime. The duration of our discussion depends on your needs and on the progress of our exchanges. However, it is possible to agree in advance for a specific duration.