François De Kock.


After a few decades as a life coach, I specialized in the emergence of your new life. Before the caterpillar spreads its butterfly wings, it goes through a process of transformation inside its cocoon.

The human being has an incredible capacity of resistance against this process of transformation. He is a caterpillar, he thinks of himself as a caterpillar, he knows he is a caterpillar, he resists like hell against the butterfly within, and then, very sadly, dies as a caterpillar. His soul will not be released from this imprisonment until the death of the physical body. Then it will fly away happily, as does the butterfly.

But this same human being also has a fabulous ability to renew himself. To endorse his reason of incarnation. To align his life with the quest, with the learning, with the mission of his soul. To turn its back on “what was”. To manifest now, in this life, the butterfly that lives in the depths of him.

The call of your soul, of your heart, inhabits you from your birth, even before your birth. It is written. This is your destiny. You have the choice to honor or disdain it. That is your free will.

If you choose to follow and to incarnate this inner call, even in aspects rejected by your ego or your personality, let me tell you that it is my mission to guide you through the change. If an inner voice whispers to you that « this guy, he will help me to move on to a new paradigm, this guy will support me with all his heart and with all his skills », listen carefully. I reach out to you from the other side of the mirror, from the other side of your erroneous beliefs.

If on the other hand you choose to ignore the inner butterfly, if your priority is to conceal your own authenticity, to satisfy the expectations of others and to do everything « as expected », to disappear in the mass, go your way. You’d end up hating me as much as you hate yourself. Do not waste our time.

When reading what I just wrote, I find this powerful. Yes. In a way, this is how I honor your own power, the beautiful being that you are.

I welcome you with open arms, full of respect and kindness (that’s what they say about me …). The contents of my site will tell you more about this.

See you soon, at your best convenience,

François De Kock.


To work with François is to enter into a new universe. A universe of very wide reflection that
pushes everyone to go further. François is a person who knows what he wants, but who has this
intelligence to leave the necessary latitude to his collaborators to achieve a result.

As a videographer, I made several video clips for François, and this happened in a listening
process. It is the exchange of ideas that makes it possible to move forward to arrive at definitive achievements.

Renaud Delmotte, DELplay Réalisation Audiovisuelles

“Know thyself” is still the base for me today… I admit
that I feel upset not to have met François De Kock earlier.

Isabelle de Broux, Instant Zen

I confirm : YOUR EXACERBATED CONSCIOUSNESS that scans in less time than it takes to say. You are a monument of conscience ! You’re Extraordinary, François, also by your talents, your skills and I add, your great humanity… Me, I always had the heart to work ON this beautiful path… for years… and again now.

For all that I have received, what I can achieve and all that you have invested in making me open my eyes, and … and … and : THANKS THANKS THANKS.

And it is with pleasure, François. If you knew how happy I was by writing these few words of gratitude.

Yvette Desanfant
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